Woodstock Trinity School

On Friday May 31st, SCF Executive Director, Ron Cougler, and Board Chair, Kevin Cougler, visited the Grade 5/6 class at Trinity School to see the children program robots in their classroom. The robots were purchased through a grant from STEM Camp FOUNDATION awarded to teacher Rebecca Ruxton who was excited to see her students learn more about programming and coding as an introduction to technology in the junior and intermediate grades.

Project Coding through robots incorporates many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)areas of study. The educational goals of this coding STEM project are to inspire students to try new things and be resilient, collaborate on a group project, encourage teamwork, enhance problem-solving skills and learn about potential STEM career opportunities available through programs in college and universities.

STEM Camp FOUNDATION has been pleased to sponsor this STEM Project and to see the excitement of students as they engage in a challenging look into the world of STEM Coding and Robotics at an early age.