Emily Stowe Public School

This spring the STEM Camp Foundation was pleased to support a project at Emily Stowe Public School in Norwich for the Kindergarten class, submitted by teacher Kathryn DeJong.

Mrs. DeJong indicates: “We run an inquiry-based program in our Kindergarten class, and we are currently exploring and learning about “Space”. Through our research we have found a number of areas we can explore and create to enhance our learning about Space. We plan to build some equipment and models based on our ‘space fact-finding. Both the process and the final product will be used on an on-going basis to develop our students’ inquiry skills, including the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).”

The photos here show the children building space suits and transforming their puppet theatre into a space shuttle in June 2019.

Way to go Mrs. DeJong’s class!

We are glad we could help.