Letter From Principal

To Whom It May Concern,

Please acknowledge this letter in support of the application it accompanies. I understand that the STEM Camp Foundation does not have a professional relationship with our School Board and that the funds, if granted, will be sent directly to the teacher who has applied for this grant. I attest that the teacher who has applied for these funds is a trustworthy individual who has my confidence in distributing the funds in the manner in which they were intended in the grant application. I further attest that I have read the grant application and acknowledge the project is a STEM-related project and has my full support and that the teacher is a fully accredited teacher within the Province of Ontario. Lastly, I understand that one of the conditions of the grant is that the teacher upload pictures of the supported STEM activity to the STEM Camp Foundations web page and that if the pictures are not uploaded by the project completion deadline, the remaining 50% of the project funds will not be distributed or the Foundation reserves the right to claw back
the entire amount due to breach of contract.

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