Note:  a pic will be acceptable for the Principal’s Letter.


Please acknowledge this letter in support of the teacher Grant Application that it accompanies.

I understand that the funds, if granted, will be sent directly to the teacher who has applied for this grant.

I attest that:

  • a. the teacher who has applied for these funds is a trustworthy professional who has my confidence that the funds granted will be distributed in the manner for which they were intended in the grant application; and
  • b. I have read the grant application and acknowledge that the project is STEM-related and that it has my full support; and
  • c. the applicant teacher is a fully accredited teacher within the Province of Ontario.

Lastly, I understand that the main condition of the STEM Camp FOUNDATION grant is that the teacher is required to upload photos and a description of the approved project to the foundation not more than two weeks after the project has been completed by its End Date.

Failure to comply with this last condition will render the project VOID and will result in the entire grant being clawed back from the teacher by STEM Camp Foundation.

Principal’s Name:                                   _______________________________________
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Principal’s Signature:                              _______________________________________

Name of Teacher (Grant Applicant): _______________________________________
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Date of Principal’s Letter:                    __________________ 20 ___