Great news! Our STEM Camp Foundation is back online after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic. We will be awarding grants to elementary schools through our online application process which is now open. STEM Teachers from K-8 will have until November 19, 2021, to make an online request for a grant for their school asking for financial assistance. Our grants range from $100 to $500. Grants will be paid out in early December. 

Here are some sample project ideas to help your creative thinking: 

1. STEM Clubs: Robotics Club, Coding Club, Girls in STEM Club etc. 

2. STEM AWARDS: monetary award to students who excel, or show promise for a STEM career, or a special interest in STEM subjects. 

3. STEM Grants: for students who want to work on their own STEM Project and make a presentation to their class. 

4. STEM Contest: a cash prize(s) to student(s) for winning a schoolwide STEM Contest. 

5. Creative STEM Projects: funding for a student who has a creative STEM research project idea and needs financial support to buy materials. 

6. STEM Supplies: Purchase of special STEM supplies such as robots that can be used by students in the classroom to enhance interest in the study of STEM topics.